X-Men actor James McAvoy ‘secretly marries girlfriend’ Lisa Liberati

X-Men actor, James McAvoy has secretly married his girlfriend, Lisa Liberati three years after he split from his ex-wife of 11 years, Anne-Marie Duff.

Director Jamie Lloyd, who is a close friend of the Glasgow-born actor, told Daily Mail that Lisa and McAvoy, who met on the set of Split in Philadelphia, got married in a private ceremony.

He was also overheard at actor David Suchet’s party in London last week describing how Lisa visits him often during rehearsals. He went on to refer to Lisa as James’s ‘wife’ and said they married ‘recently’.

James McAvoy was married to actress Anne-Marie Duff for 11-years before they divorced in 2016.

Two months after the divorce was finalized, James and Lisa Liberati shard a series of photos of themselves on Instagram at a fancy dress party to announce their relationship.

Recently, the pair were spotted returning to Philadelphia and Lisa was wearing a wedding ring.