I have four girlfriends, I’ll have 4 kids before I turn 44 – Pappy Kojo


Pappy Kojo has shared his reflection of how the number “four” has been significant in his life and that came with some wild revelations which he shared with his fans.

The Ghanaian musician, whom we know has been dating one Sandra Parker, for over some four years now, has disclosed in a social media post that he actually has four girlfriends.

It’s recalled that when the “Realer No” rapper appeared on the Delay Show, he mentioned that he has a very liberal girlfriend who understands when other women come into his life.

Pappy Kojo, in keeping it real with his fans has now openly stated that he has four girlfriends and he is also planning to have 4 children and a 4 some time before he reaches the age of 44.

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